DISHA is a voluntary organization working for socio-economic development of urban and rural communities. DISHA is a voluntary organization inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology of serving the downtrodden, poorest of the poor and marginalized sections of the urban and rural community by working on peace, justice, human rights, advocacy, education, health, employment and women’s empowerment. These development programs are based on the felt needs of people with an effort to mobilize participation for their individual and community development. DISHA works with civil societies to find lasting solutions to poverty, justices and entitlements at the individual and community level.
DISHA was founded in 1992 and since them DISHA's initiatives have helped people on the path of self-reliance, dignity, justice and empowerment. DISHA works in sixteen slum clusters of Delhi and 100 villages in Bihar and U.P. DISHA has a branch office in Bihar and the head office is in New Delhi. There is a team of multi disciplinary staff consisting of consultants, resource person, experts, financial manager, and information managers.

Annual Report